The first iPhone App I made — ‘Bombie’

This is the first iPhone App I made, it is called ‘Bombie‘.

It’s an app that make people could interact and play with sound.

(It’s very good for you to kill your time when you are waiting for the subway or someone lol)


I made a FFT Analyzer, and this is the documentation of its reaction to ‘Bombie’.


Love Will Guide You

Concept and Problem Statement:

The concept and idea of this project is inspired by one of my friend. He’s very shy and ALWAYS feel embarrassed to express his real emotion to the girl he like.

Some shy people always feel embarrassed and shy to express themselves directly, especially to the people they like, it is very hard to express their real feelings and emotions directly by mouth. Sometimes men always feel embarrassed to say sorry, or express the real love and feeling to the people they love. I want to help my friend, I want to help this kind of shy people to express their real emotions to the people they like. So I was wondering that wether the shy people can express themselves in some efficient, interactive, interesting and cute ways.

Initial Prototype:

My initial idea is to make an interactive instrument that we could use our body gestures to play different notes. When our body move to different directions, it will play different notes.  That is use music to express the emotion.


As I think my initial prototype is not straight forward, efficient and interesting enough to express emotions, I came up with a new interactive way for this webcam based interactive application. That is we could see ourselves on the screen and interact and affect the movement of the ‘hearts’ on the screen.

Also, I came up with a new idea for the people who prefer to use texts to express themselves. That is to make a custom designed texts based Magic 8 Ball, and they can design their own texts, put them in the Magic 8 Ball, and send it as a gift to the girl or boy they love. I made the official website of this project, it should includes the webcam based interactive application and the Magic 8 Ball plan, it offers different plans and ways for people to choose which way they want to use.

The official website of this project:

Final Version: 

The final version of this project includes the completed webcam based interactive application, the concept of the custom designed texts based Magic 8 Ball plan, and the official website of this project.

Example Video:

User Test Video:


Processing code:

Max/Msp/Jitter patch:




This project is aimed to make some interesting, cute, straight forward and interactive ways to help shy people express their real emotions to the people they love. I made a webcam based interactive application,  shy people who tested this application feel comfortable to use it, and think it is interesting. Also, some people want to express themselves by the specific texts they write. So I came up with the custom designed texts based Magic 8 Ball plan. That is let the people write their own texts, which they want to tell the one they love, and put the texts in the Magic 8 Ball, then send it as a gift to the people they love. I made a official website for this project. Some shy people tested this project and feel comfortable to use the interactive application and the custom designed texts based Magic 8 Ball.

Final presentation PDF:

Love Will Guide You Final Presentation PDF

Interactive Noise Wall

This project is inspired by the broken screen of my Macbook Pro…

The screen is broken, and it keeps showing some patterns and effects, just like made by openFrameworks (it’s so openFrameworks style).

I decided to simulate the effect of the broken screen, this is the starting point.

Then, I extended this idea, since I think the effect of my broken screen looks like a ‘noise wall’, so I decided to make a noise wall with interactivity.

Basically, I made some moving points as the pattern to simulate this kind of broken effect, it looks like a moving ‘noise wall’, and will change to different states when we pressing mouse and different keys (key ‘a’ and key ‘b’).

This is a noise wall which could make people interact with it.  I combined this noise wall with sound. When we click and touch different positions on the noise wall, it will show the ‘noise’ effect depend on  the position you clicked.  At the same time, it will generate different ‘noise’ sound / music I made.

Painted Love — a project made for BMW Guggenheim Lab’s Love Night Party.

I participated in this collaboration project made for BMW Guggenheim Lab’s Love Night Party.

It is called Painted Love.

We used thermochromic ink to print on T-shirts and fabrics, which could change color when the temperature is changed.

This Love Night Party is about love, to make strangers feel love with each other. At that night, every one who participated in this party weared the T-shirts we made, and encouraged to hug with each other. When they hug each other, the color of the T-shirt would change.

The introduction on BMW Guggenheim Lab’s official website:

BMW Guggenheim Lab’s Love Night Party

The videos:

A sound based drawing tool I made in Bootcamp


This is my code final project in bootcamp last summer (It’s a complicated and unforgotten memory lol).

The code final for bootcamp is that: use Processing to make a drawing tool.

So I used Processing to make this, I made a sound-based drawing tool. The graphics and effect are influenced by the sound (The outside sounds or the sound file played in computer).