Boshan Zhou

University: Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY

Major: Design & Technology

Degree: Master

Hello. My name is Boshan Zhou, and my English name is Demmy.

I am an Interactive Designer & Developer, Concept Designer, musician and New Media Artist based in New York & China.

Now I am a Master of Fine Art candidate in Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY. His major in Parsons is Design & Technology, he will graduate from Parsons in May, 2013.

I always have passion to do creative projects and the research areas and directions of his work include Interactive design, Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, New Media Art, Sound design.

This is my projects and portfolio website. I will post and share my projects and music on this website.

Thanks A LOT.

More about me:

(Demmy) Boshan Zhou副本

    • At 14-year-old, I began learning the guitar, producing original songs. I Started my first rock band in high school, served as lead singer and guitarist.
    • At 17-year-old, I began to produce electronic music, and later set up an electronic music band, served as lead singer and music producer.
    • After entering the university, I was invited by several pubs and performing agents in Changsha City and Shanghai City etc. to do live performances.
    • I released my first music album ‘A Journey to 1989’ before the age of 20.
    • 2010, I released the second album ‘2 Sides‘, people are able to buy the album in U.S.A, Hong Kong, Japan, Sydney, Melbourne, U.K. It is also available from the internet through itunes.

I have founded the only electric music live show club in Changsha-City(my hometown), known as Fridge Club, which has been holding electric music live shows performed by various electric musicians from both local and other cities in China.

I am really into music, movie, and I am a big fan of the NBA Games.

I am a positive guy, and always have the passion to research, learn and do creative and crazy stuff.
Many thanks,

Boshan Zhou


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