AAPP — All Around Promotion Platform

AAPP — All Around Promotion Platform


AAPP is my thesis project in Parsons The New School for Design, New York.

It is an interactive 3D platform, a gesture based Natural User Interface platform to let people use gestures only to interact with digital content / 3D models without any physical controllers or wearable devices. This platform aims to provide an alternative way of interaction between humans and digital content, rather than traditional mouse or keyboard interaction, increasing the realism and enhancing the user experience.

All Around Promotion Platform (AAPP) uses strategies derived from Human-Computer Interaction, brand experience, and Natural User Interface design to create dimensional 3D display controlled by haptic gestures that can be used to market a range of commercial applications. My thesis project chooses car customization in a car show scenario as the example to show how it would work. This project makes use of product customization strategies already available in online car customization sites, but presents the information by immersive, dimensional 3D display controlled by hand gestures. To manipulate the 3D car model, customers at the show use gestures to rotate, zoom, select and view details of the car, explore inside the car, and customize their own cars such as changing color and accessories and previewing the effect in real-time, interaction and the process of customization can be more immersive and engaging with this gestural platform.

The basic features / functions of this project:

1. Through this platform, users could directly use gestures only to manipulate the 3D car model such as rotate and zoom, without any physical controllers.

2. Users can use gesture to select and click different details of the car such as wheel & tire. When users click the wheel & tire, it will play an intro animation of the wheel & tire to let users get familiar with the details.

3. Users can use gestures to customize their own cars, such as changing different color, accessories of the car.

4. Users can use gesture to click the door of car, to open the door and get into the car to explore the inside of the car.

More features are being developed.


This project has been exhibited in Parsons The New School for Design’s Design & Technology 2013 Thesis Exhibition.

During the exhibition, many people played and interacted with it, here are some photos of this platform in the exhibition, and how people interacted with it:


1368129318798_a7dea242455d 1368221746910_0cb4f9bec195



in fact, this platform is not limited to the car show and car customization scenario. It can be used to many other areas. All the content in this platform is with 3D effect. And more features are being developed. All the 3D content and features can be customized to fit different uses and scenarios.

This platform could fit some commercial scenarios such as for car shows, to provide an immersive and more engaging experience of interaction and customization. Also, this gesture based platform can let people interact with something which does not exist yet, and could be used in many other areas, such as surgical training for doctors, previewing printing mode for 3d models intended for 3d print, previewing architectural and urban planning models. This platform might be used for helping the design process of some engineered mechanical products such as cars, boats, to let people can interact with the demo models, and explore them, even look inside them, etc. And mathematicians could use this platform to mange and interact with some large data sets.


The tutorial video:

This is the tutorial video to show how this project work, the interface and looking in this tutorial video might look different with the actual platform. 


Presentation PDF


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