Flowing Wall — A project I made in Microsoft

Flowing Wall — A project I made in Microsoft

In this summer, I did an internship in Microsoft Research Asia’s Human Computer Interaction group. This is one of the project I made, during my intern in Microsoft.

The name of this project is called ”Flowing Wall”.

In this project, I explore full-body interaction with big wall presentation scenario / public display scenario such as interactive advertisement.

This setting-up aims to generate immersive user experience through exaggerating visual effect and feedback such as view perspective and motion rhythm, for example, when walking toward/away or moving from one side to another.

I want to explore a connection with natural interactions in presentation, remove any physical controllers.

In this project, I use Kinect and Windows 8 style UI which is MODERN, CLEAN, FAST and IN MOTION, to make the presentation more “alive”, responsive and emotional.

I am designing and developing a platform which combines body positions and hand gestures, to control and interact with digital contents on the big wall. 

The contents on the big screen will look like alive and respond to you directly, naturally and more interactively, not like the ‘dead’ traditional PPT slides.

The body’s position serves as local panning to change the perspective of the flowing wall, and we could use hand gestures as the global scrolling to scroll the content on the wall.

This platform can be used in many applications / scenarios. Here are some examples.

1. Product line keynote speak

This is the demo example video of one of the application / scenario for this platform—Microsoft product line keynote speak.

In this kind of keynote speak, this platform highlights the performance aspect of the presentation and engage with the audience. Make the presentation process more emotional.

2. Interactive Map
Another example application for this platform is Interactive Map.

When we search a map through internet, for the maps in web, we can just see the map with eyes and the place on the map is just somewhere else.

However, with this platform, we can feel the map with body, the scale is 1:1 and it simulate the real scene and make the users feel just like in reality, it largely enhance the user experience and it is compelling engaging.

When you go close to the wall , the map will turn from 2D to 3D street side. When you walk along the wall, the street view perspective will changed depends on your body position emotionally. The experience is just like you walk around that place in reality.

Example video (simulation) :

3. interactive TV

This platform could use for TV too. We could use this gesture and body position based platform to interact with the menu or contents on TV.

This is the demo example video for Microsoft Xbox TV.

Presentation PDF

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  1. That’s cool 🙂 Looking forward to meet you in the U.S.

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