Facial Energy (Smile Can Change The World)

Facial Energy (Smile Can Change The World)

The concept of this project is —- ”Facial Energy”.
That is use facial expression to become energy source, engine, to become a power.
Use face to be the energy source to control the music, to control other things.
At this stage, my starting point for this exploration of the facial expression is smile, I want to start from smile, because smile sometimes is a power.
So the name of this Final Project is “Smile Can Change The World”.
This project includes a series (three) of projects / applications related to smile.
In these projects, smile is the engine, the energy source, the power to make everything happen.
We can only use our smile to make a difference, we can only use smile to change everything and make everything happen.
Just smile, it will be different.
First, I planned to start from the virtual world.
A virtual world that controlled by Smile.
This is a virtual world I built, and only the smile will be the energy source to control this world.
1. We can only use our smile to play music (the pitch and note of the music will depend on the extent of our smile).
2. There are many objects fall depend on the rules of gravity, as usual.
However, when we smile, we can change the gravity of this world,we can beat the gravity.
When we smile, everything will stop falling,and will fly around our smile。At the same time we can hear the object’s laughter.  Our smile is their energy.
The harder we smile, the stronger energy they will get.
If we do not smile, nothing will happen, if we smile, it can change the rule of this world.
A game related to Smile
In the first virtual world, the smile’s power changed and beat the gravity, made the gravity disappear.
In this second virtual world, on the other hand, we can use smile to make it happen.
We can use smile as an energy source to trigger gravity.
When we smile, we could hear the laugher, and it will produce gravity, the objects in this world will fall depend on our smile, which is a force to produce gravity.
It’s like a game, when we keep smiling, and objects in this world will keep appearing and falling.
And there is a scoreboard at the upper left corner of the screen. The longer time we smile, the higher score we will get.
Smile Energy / Engine.
This project is use smile as an energy source and Engine to control something in reality.
In this case, the smile as an energy source and Engine will control and launch the light and sound.
The light and sound will be launched only when we smile. The smile is the only energy and power to control and launch it all.
In this case, I used Arduino.
Just like we use smile to conductive (Future Direction ! )
When we do facial expressions we will produce energy, I am wondering that whether we could use this energy as an energy source to control something or contribute to some industries , such as use this energy to conductive.  And to see whether it can be a more environmentally friendly energy source and everyone can produce and use.
This project is the start of this research.
So the future direction of this project is :
Explore the possibility of using the energy generated by the movement of facial expressions as the energy source, to see whether we could collect this energy, convert and transfer this energy to other forms of energy such as electricity. So that the facial expressions will be the original energy, and to become a real green energy, and everyone can produce and use. As everyone knows how to smile.
Presentation PDF is here:

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