Interactive Noise Wall

Interactive Noise Wall

This project is inspired by the broken screen of my Macbook Pro…

The screen is broken, and it keeps showing some patterns and effects, just like made by openFrameworks (it’s so openFrameworks style).

I decided to simulate the effect of the broken screen, this is the starting point.

Then, I extended this idea, since I think the effect of my broken screen looks like a ‘noise wall’, so I decided to make a noise wall with interactivity.

Basically, I made some moving points as the pattern to simulate this kind of broken effect, it looks like a moving ‘noise wall’, and will change to different states when we pressing mouse and different keys (key ‘a’ and key ‘b’).

This is a noise wall which could make people interact with it.  I combined this noise wall with sound. When we click and touch different positions on the noise wall, it will show the ‘noise’ effect depend on  the position you clicked.  At the same time, it will generate different ‘noise’ sound / music I made.


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